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The Brand-new free to play tactic browser game Forge of Empires has directly turned the gaming scene on its head. Within the first(8) weeks, one mlln users had registered for the real-time tactic game for the opportunity to create their own medieval empire. We could not ignore the hype and have tested the game out for ourselves and became rapidly addicted to the game

Game Concept

Exciting Changes in Eras:

Just like in the well-known Age of Empires series, in Forge of Empires, you commence start kick off start-up in the Stone Age and only have a couple of buildings and units at your disposal. By completing missions and researching new technology, you can rapidly progress to {the following} historical era. With each new age, your empire changes its appearance. Buildings become more modern and advanced, and the citizens become more civilized. You, for sure needless to say, additionally have access to new units, buildings, exploration options and missions with each new era. With each new generation, you must concentrate on making your empire a strong to compete not only economically and militarily but additionally technologically.

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Bertie the Brain the worlds first video game

Remarkably, the world which many video gamers find themselves in is connected to one of, if not the most devastating weapon known to humankind, the hydrogen bomb,” a weapon which if released on an unsuspecting world population would most certainly not only annihilate most humans living in our world but also have the capability of destroying our actual planet

Yes the above actually sounds like a video game scenario, a video game which needs no written ending as we know that the conclusion is just a foregone conclusion

So what possible connection could a video game have with the worlds most devastating weapon the “hydrogen bomb”? Simply put, because the inventor of the worlds first video game was also one of the team members who in a dusty desert, designed and detonated the worlds first “Atomic bomb”.

Who was he? A small softspoken unassuming man named “William Higinbotham,” a nuclear physicist and lifelong friend of “Albert Einstein”.

Yes, this unassuming man along with friend “Josef Kates,” designed and constructed a simple video game called “Bertie the Brain,” which measured over four meters tall and played the simple game of “Tic-Tac-Toe”.

The game was first seen at the “Canadian National Exhibition,” way back in 1950 and was one of the favourite exhibits at the exhibition, people from all over the world came to play this simple game challenging suiters from all works of life, however unfortunately for us in the rush to clear the area once the exhibition had come to an end, “Bertie the Brain,” was dismantled and many of the brains pieces were scattered throughout the Canadian landscape never to be seen again, this first-ever video game had a lifespan of just eight weeks

Authors note: I think that this quite spoken man would today be amazed if he was informed that today, the industry which he had first created would generate over $36 billion every single year in the United States alone, yes we have much to thank this gentleman for as without him game classics like “Donkey Kong,” and “Pac-Man,” would have possibly never have been invented

And with that, we welcome you to Free Gaming Sites home to the top free to play video games on the worldwide internet

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