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Xbox and Play Station to release their new Video Gaming Consoles

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S to be released Free Gaming Sites Quebec Canada
It's that time of the year again so be careful if you are intending to purchase a new Video Gaming Console, make sure you do not buy one which will soon be obsolete, I have included a short summary of the expected new video gaming consoles to be released in just a couple of weeks          

Top of the list is Xbox who will be releasing the next generation of their video gaming consoles with the  Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S due out on the November 10 you can expect to pay at least $499.00 for the “Xbox Series X “and approx. $300.00 for the “Xbox Series S”.

PlayStation will follow on with their long-awaited “PlayStation 5,” scheduled for release on November 12, you can expect to pay approximately $500.00 for the standard console or a bit less for the digital-only console coming in at roughly $400.00

My advice is to wait for the upcoming Black Friday event and see if you can get one there, it may save you a little money, however, if you want to get one while they still have them on offer do not wait, get them while they are still in the store so buy on the day they are released, but be advised there may be long queues waiting for the shops to open so get there early

Let us know how you get on

Steve Simmonds Free Gaming Sites

Strange keyword searches and their results

Strange Keyword searches and their results Free Gaming Sites Quebec Canada
If you want lots of traffic to your website at no cost or better still free we would suggest that you take a look at your chosen "Keyword Marketing Plan" especially when it comes to using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube just to name a few and do not make the mistake of thinking that all high used keywords are good for your website as they are not and also many are quite strange, the following should enlighten you        

“XNXX” I do not have any idea what this even stands for, however, it gets over 600 million searches each, and every month, bizarre indeed is it not, and as for Facebook themselves well they come out on top with over 1.68 billion search requests every month

XVideos is another strange one but believes it, or not this too gets over 500 million search request every month, and it would also seem that Gmail is still popular out there in Internet land as it is used within a search phrase over 414 million times every month

Amazon, well we all know just how widespread this mega online retailer is, and it shows in monthly search phrase results Amazon does, in fact, appear within a search phrase over 338 million times each and every single month

So if you would ever put them all together in a single search phrase like “Hotmail, Google Translate weather FB” then it is hard to know just what may spring up

Authors note: I have tried using the above search phrase, so I know what you will get as an answer, I will not let you know just go ahead and type it in yourselves as it does make interesting reading

You all take care and happy Free Gaming

Kind Regards

Steve Simmonds

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Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Assassins Creed Valhalla Free Gaming Sites Queebec Canada
The last time Assassin's Creed deviated from its usual search location, and map generated journey, we got Assassin's Creed Origins, this game fundamentally modified the direction of the series from an open world, stealth-action adventure to a full-blown open-world RPG like the range of video games like Witcher 3, Red Dead Redemption 2, etc

Assassin's Creed Valhalla embodies only the third time Ubisoft has taken a year off in the 13-year history of the series. While it does not upset the way Origins did, my main takeout from devoting six hands-on hours playing the game is that Valhalla is significantly more ambitious and daringly distinct from its predecessors than one might initially think.

 Assassin's Creed Valhalla's most significant departure from preceding Assassin's Creed games is that traditional side quests are no more. You will not travel to a new ground, to meet everyone with a marker through their head, and then just be loaded up with 20 different mini storylines to keep track of at any given time.

However, this does not mean that Valhalla's scope or scale is reduced. There are even a ton of side tasks, just not in the way that you might expect as a replacement when you synchronize a new component of the map, you'll discover a bunch of dots coloured yellow, blue, or white that pinpoint those tasks, thus making playing the game much more enjoyable

The yellow dots correspond to a side task that will reward you with a couple pieces of gold, a new piece of gear, or a book of know-how that either teaches or upgrades an aptitude in your plying skills.

The greater the dot on the map, the more substantial the challenge and the larger the reward. A large yellow dot, for example, might correspond to a heavily guarded fortress with lots of large chests. In contrast, a smaller yellow dot might represent a single chest untapped behind a minor locked door puzzle.

Hope you enjoyed the read

Steve Simmonds

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League of Angels Heavens Fury

League of angels heavens fury Free Gaming Sites Quebec Canada
On the wings of justice we fly for all, on the wings of justice we will find for all, and on the wings of justice our dreams will come true, come with us as we join the world's attempt to turn the light of our planet back on come and play the free to play League of Angels-Heavens Fury        

For those among you who are accustomed to the predecessor of League of Angels- Heavens Fury, this review may prove to be quite attractive.

 It is not unexpected that after the spectacular triumph of League of Angels it was just a question of time for League of Angels- Heavens Fury to become as successful as its predecessor.

So we thought we would play this free to play version and offer you our short report on a very spectacular game

Game Concept: Just like its forerunner, League of Angels- Heavens Fury presents itself as a classic MMORPG, despite the fact that at first it did seem that the concluding occurrences in League of Angels did conduct to an era of peace and prosperity, that is of courses until things began to turn

Yes it did not take long before the darkness returned and while it does threaten to eat the world, heroes from all the realm is always striving to stand for the light, and of course this is where you the gamer comes in and as a broke greenhorn, you have to not only gain favour of the deities but additionally have to find ways in which you will turn more potent in your attempts to turn the light back on

Gratefully there is a tremendous world waiting to be explored, and it is a world that is brimming with adventures, dangers and countless opportunities to turn any greenhorn into a grizzled veteran.

My advice get over to the game as fast as you can and help humankind turn the lights of the world back on

Steve Simmonds

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Total Battle

Total Battle Free Gaming Sites Quebec Canada
Total Battle is a game that has some powerful base building and economy management aspects while additionally providing a wealthy and in-depth battle simulation

Develop a thriving city and protect your walls from jealous neighbours and monstrous invaders. Lead your settlement from nothing to a flourishing city that has not only the most advanced economy but additionally the strongest military in the whole empire, Lead your armies to victory and dominate your foes in this epic tactic game.          

Build a powerful economy:

Before you can even think about things like massive battles, you require to take a minute and think this by means of who is gonna combat for you when you have no way to pay your soldiers? Who is going to risk his life for nothing? No one will do, and that is the reason why this explains why it's super essential to give your soldiers glittering coin in return for their services. How to accumulate such coin?

To do this, the most reputable is by turning your small hamlet into a prospering capital with a powerful economy, to do that you can allocate work orders that will eventually conduct to the construction of foundries, farms and trading posts. These structures will continuously generate gold, crafting materials and other helpful resources that will help you to finance your upcoming wars. Only those who have a powerful economy will be able to maintain an equally powerful army.

Steve Simmonds

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Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires Free Gaming Sites Quebec Canada
Online Game - Free Games - tactic game - Top Online Game! 

The Brand-new free to play tactic browser game Forge of Empires has directly turned the gaming scene on its head. Within the first(8) weeks, one mlln users had registered for the real-time tactic game for the opportunity to create their own medieval empire. We could not ignore the hype and have tested the game out for ourselves and became rapidly addicted to the game

Game Concept

Exciting Changes in Eras:

Just like in the well-known Age of Empires series, in Forge of Empires, you commence start kick off start-up in the Stone Age and only have a couple of buildings and units at your disposal. By completing missions and researching new technology, you can rapidly progress to {the following} historical era. With each new age, your empire changes its appearance. Buildings become more modern and advanced, and the citizens become more civilized. You, for sure needless to say, additionally have access to new units, buildings, exploration options and missions with each new era. With each new generation, you must concentrate on making your empire a strong to compete not only economically and militarily but additionally technologically.

Have a great day gaming

Steve Simmonds Free Gaming Sites

Build your own video game for free


Build your own video game for free Free Gaming Sites Quebec Canada
Have you ever fantasied about building a video game of your own? A place where you and your friends could invest hours and hours playing your favourite games without interruption.

Perhaps a place where you and your friends could invest hours and hours playing your favourite games without interruptions? Perhaps how about a site that indeed shows off your games fetish?

It's easy to create such a place, and you do not need to rent out a video game hall to do it

This article will hopefully introduce a couple of ideas you can use utilize to construct the ultimate gaming centre

Maintain a happy household if you're a family member. Trying to play a mean game of Super Mario Tetris or Halo 2 might be unbearable with kids running around the house and yelling, you will not be able to take pleasure from the newest role-playing game when the wife's nagging about expenses or undone chores, Keep a contented home, keep a contented marriage, and your time spent playing video games will then be heaven, so when you are asked to stop playing spare a thought to others and stop

It's no secret that a few games need as much concentration and focuses as when studying for a calculus exam - and there's nothing more exasperating than when you cannot figure out how to get complete to "the next level" of a game. This is no time to be disoriented, and if life isn't what it can be, you will never be able to focus on your game. Strive to make a residence a place to unwind first - then work on enjoying your games.

You can next dedicate a place in your residence as your exclusive game room. This won't only indicate just how importance that gaming is to you and to your family members, but it will also become conducive to the mentality that you require to play a fun and relaxing albeit serious game. Budget allowing to decorate the room with all the amenities that you wish. You could add a recliner or two for your friends, a little stand to hold snacks, a bookcase for your games.

You may even add a small refrigerator and microwave just in case, your intent here is to declare the space as yours and that it serves only one aspiration: pure gaming pleasure.

What you're after is a place that's absolutely pleasing to you, both aesthetically and functionally, to enjoy your time there.

With your own space dedicated to gaming, you'll wish to maintain it and keep it in a situation that's inviting not only for yourself but for others furthermore, keep your equipment and games clean. Pay attention to keep wires from tangling and organize your magazine subscriptions, books, or Internet cheat sheet printouts. Maintenance is an activity that does not have to burden you as long as you commit to a daily pattern of it. The benefits of keeping a regular maintenance schedule show that this space is essential to you and you have a right to maintain it that way.

But take specific care not to alienate yourself from the rest of your family, we all can have a favourite hobby, and we can even dedicate a specific area of the residence to that hobby, Anyhow it's highly important to regard this place as a haven - not a hideout, and it is by no means a place to hide from the kids, or a place to shun home obligations, and is by no means a place to live. If this specific space is approached in the latter manner, you will discover it as a place of resentment, uncontrollable behaviour or even depression. Be cautious, time with the family, and enter your playroom at adequate times, collaboration from others will then come easily.

Steve Simmonds

Free Gaming Sites

Advertising through free video sites

Advertising Through Free Video Sites Free Gaming Sites Quebec Canada
Although free advertising can be considered time-consuming and not merit the energy, there is one that you should try: that method includes the internet and free online video website         

If you are a genuine internet user, there is a good possibility that you are thoroughly familiar with what free online video internet sites are and what they do.  If not, you will need to learn.  Free online video websites are websites that enable internet users to watch videos that are hosted on their website, free of cost.

Also, what is cool about free online video websites is that most will also enable internet users, similar to you, to make, upload, and share their own videos.  Depending on the form of business you own and operate, you might be able to use these websites to your virtue. 

When it comes to utilizing free online video websites for your own benefits, you will need to acquaint yourself with the websites that are currently accessible. You can simply do this by executing a standard internet search.  Your search should generate a relatively large number of results, this includes Google Video and YouTube.  Before making your video, you will need to explore any of the rules and limitations that are set in place.  When doing so, you will see that most video websites have not many restrictions or regulations concerning the usage of online videos to publicize your business; though, you will still wish to be sure that keep in mind that your video is tactfully done. 

Suppose you are an online business proprietary, principally one that sells a particular product. In that case, you could commit to a video showcasing your product, for example, to illustrate if your speciality is blankets, you would show your testers or even go through the procedure of making them. It may even could be an excellent idea to remark the overall cost of photograph blankets and who should own them. 

If your product would commit a great gift, it is also said that. When doing your video, you will wish to refrain from making your video seem like unsolicited mail even though despite the factyou would like tomention the price, you will to refrain from publicizing your business too much.

At the closing of your video, you would like to offer instructions on how to commit a purchase or learn more info.

Although goods are the easiest to showcase in an online video, you can additionally use your video to assist promote a service that you sell

Providing standard information on debt is a great alternative to keep your video from appearing too pushy.  As said above, you could even want to include information on your business at the closing of your video.  This could help to increase the number of clients you receive, particularly  if you provide a service that is used and necessary by many

To construct your video, whether you plan on using that video, you will need a couple of pieces of equipment, maybe, the most crucial is a recording device.  For the absolute results, you are urged to use a camcorder. Still, you can also use a webcam,  movie-making software is also likewise vital

Most computers previously came equipped with movie making software. After you have generated and saved your video, you will have to go after the directions of the free online video website you want to use.

Happy Video Gaming and please all stay safe in these trying times

Steve Simmonds

Free Gaming Sites

While you are her why not visit our sister site Find A Free Website

At last an Internet site just for Controlling Remote Helicopters

Website controls Remote Helicopters Free Gaming Sites Quebec Canada

At last an Internet site just for Controlling Remote Helicopters Yes, at last, it is here, and it is evident that helicopter enthusiasts have become more personally computer educated, with the induction of a new website for the remote control of helicopters. 

The website has all you could ever need. It's undoubtedly quite remarkable for the reason that it has a separate section for people who don't have the foggiest idea about remote control helicopters and require a primer before entering into the factual meat of the website, but once people complete the online primer course, they become members of the elite, all of who are allowed to dig deeper into the inner workings of this excellent closed shop dynasty 

Whats more, once you are a member of this elite confederation, you can even contribute your own stories about your absolute flight altitudes and speeds while flying your own remote control helicopters around the blue skies above

I currently was able to contribute my own information of my first remote control helicopter, which I bought when I was only eleven years old. It was something that I undoubtedly wanted, and regardless of the cost, I must have been so anxious that my parents said they would get it for me for my birthday. 

However, as I was very young, six months seemed ions away, so I asked if I could do additional chores around the house and save up my cash to pay for one by myself.

Since my parents additionally had 3 other kids, they were more than glad for me to do it this way, so my days of chores began one cold November morning

I spent the following two weeks running around doing errands for my mom and assisting with yard work for my good old dad, a strict character. Still, he never laid a hand on us. Yet, when he asked you to do something you did it without question, how I miss the aroma of his pipe and the way he could whistle just like the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

By the time I had scraped together the sixty dollars for my first helicopter, I was so tired that I could not walk to the store to pick it up so dear old dad took me on the crossbar of his bike to pick it up, little did I know that Dad was so proud of me he paid for the helicopter out of his own money with a wink which said do not tell mum 

About another few weeks I was in for another surprise, my pride model helicopter went missing, I search high and low, then at about six pm, my dad strolled in box under his arm and much to my astonishment, the box contained the helicopter, and he told that he was so proud of me for working toward an objective, that he got the more costly one and said that he would cover the difference. 

Having that first helicopter undoubtedly solidified my interest in remote control helicopters, and I was so excited to contribute my story to the brand-new remote control helicopters website. I can only hope that one day my story will inspire somebody else who is considering purchasing an overseas control helicopter to do with as he or she wishes 

Yes, they are costly, but if you ask me, they are one of the absolute investments you can probably get, if you do your homework first you will get a really cool one. 

However, with the above in mind if you are not licensed to operate an overseas control helicopter, then be sure you get one before taking yours out for the very first time, if you do not then you will possibly be fined or worse still have your helicopter impounded

That's why the helicopter website is undoubtedly so marvellous, as it has an in-depth narrative about how to fly your remote control chopper, immediately after you have purchased it and according to clients who have read the information made available at the cash point, they all agree the information is invaluable

That is it guys happy flying and see you all later for another short narrative

Steve Simmonds Free Gaming Sites

Six Channel Remote Self control Helicopters Does It Get Any Better

A real size model helecopter flown the same way as the model Free Gaming Sites Qubec Canada

 If you are really seeking to have a bit of fun, then you should check out 6 channel self-control helicopters, which seem to be becoming the next big pastime. You can get these rally powerful and strong choppers from your local helicopter and other electronics shop, or from any trade store you may be thinking of checking out

They are wonderfully versatile, and any helicopter flyer will show you that they are a couple of the greatest technologies in helicopters out on the market today.  mainly, the 6 channels which permit you to control numerous facets of the helicopter's flight habits. For instance, you can pilot the aircraft straight up as if it was going straight to the stars, straight down, forwards, backwards, and a couple of models even allow you to tumble them in tight circles in the air.

Yes, this technology tends to be a small more overpriced than your typical fly-straight-forward helicopter. However, at the same time, these amazing operationanal scaled down choppers are just like the real thing, so rel that you do need to take care from the offset

 Real choppers that are actually flown by real people sitting in massive cockpits, have numerous different channels-sometimes so many more than the six you get in a downsized one, but at least as time goes by we are closing in on the real thing an undoubtedly real feat.

And a true example can be demonstrated in the different types of the control you have through all the different flight habits, yes it is you who at last has the power to customize the kinds of blades, the body of the helicopter, and even get a custom paint job done. However, evidently, these amenities all run into more cash, but the pleasure of having a 6 channel remote control helicopter that is genuinely original and unique in your personal collection occasionally outweighs the price for numerous helicopter enthusiasts.

So I was amazed when one of my closest friends and a fellow helicopter flyer mentioned that he'd had a terrible experience with his 6 channel remote control helicopter.  I solicited exactly what occurred, and it turned out that he had left his helicopter unattended. a couple of young school children had discovered it in his backyard and of course taken it to the park, hardly the manufacturers' problem was it

Glad to say one they sorted this they then proceeded to have an excellent time flying to the nearest content, so much, so later on landing the helicopter was in a much worse condition than when they started

 It was only after he took it to the manufacturer to ask about the warranty that he learned the truth.  Luckily the children had a couple of conscience, and they eventually paid him back and apologized. Still, he has a bad perspective of 6 channel remote control helicopters since then, and the sad thing is that it's surely not the helicopter's fault, it was just a bad experience.

Hopefully, he'll come around someday shortly, for the reason that the 6 channel remote control helicopters are surely some of the absolute, most controllable helicopters you can purchase in the world today.

Thanks or reading see you all again later for some more gaming and hobbies

Steve Simmonds

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Bertie the Brain the worlds first video game

Remarkably, the world which many video gamers find themselves in is connected to one of, if not the most devastating weapon known to humankind, the hydrogen bomb,” a weapon which if released on an unsuspecting world population would most certainly not only annihilate most humans living in our world but also have the capability of destroying our actual planet

Yes the above actually sounds like a video game scenario, a video game which needs no written ending as we know that the conclusion is just a foregone conclusion

So what possible connection could a video game have with the worlds most devastating weapon the “hydrogen bomb”? Simply put, because the inventor of the worlds first video game was also one of the team members who in a dusty desert, designed and detonated the worlds first “Atomic bomb”.

Who was he? A small softspoken unassuming man named “William Higinbotham,” a nuclear physicist and lifelong friend of “Albert Einstein”.

Yes, this unassuming man along with friend “Josef Kates,” designed and constructed a simple video game called “Bertie the Brain,” which measured over four meters tall and played the simple game of “Tic-Tac-Toe”.

The game was first seen at the “Canadian National Exhibition,” way back in 1950 and was one of the favourite exhibits at the exhibition, people from all over the world came to play this simple game challenging suiters from all works of life, however unfortunately for us in the rush to clear the area once the exhibition had come to an end, “Bertie the Brain,” was dismantled and many of the brains pieces were scattered throughout the Canadian landscape never to be seen again, this first-ever video game had a lifespan of just eight weeks

Authors note: I think that this quite spoken man would today be amazed if he was informed that today, the industry which he had first created would generate over $36 billion every single year in the United States alone, yes we have much to thank this gentleman for as without him game classics like “Donkey Kong,” and “Pac-Man,” would have possibly never have been invented

And with that, we welcome you to Free Gaming Sites home to the top free to play video games on the worldwide internet

Kind Regards

Steve Simmonds

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